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School Policy.

  1.  The School fees does not include:

a) Books and Text Books 
b) School Uniform and Footwear.
c) Educational Excursions, Representing school at National student’s workshop/youth science forums, Admission in Summer school/Domestic Tours, Participation in Special School Events and any expense borne towards their participation including the costumes, jewellery and props etc..
d) Hobby clubs/classes.

Composite Fee, Transport Fee and all other charges can be increased by minimum 10% every year in accordance with U.P. Gov. ordinance no -6 of 2018.


Fee Payment Schedule and Procedure

 1st Quarter = April-June –Composite Fee & Transport Fee

 2nd Quarter= July-Sep – Composite Fee & Transport Fee

 3rd Quarter=Oct-Dec – Composite Fee & Transport Fee

 4th Quarter=Jan-March – Composite Fee & Transport Fee

  1. Quarterly fee needs to be submitted latest by 10th (April, July, Oct, Jan) of the month of the following quarter, failing which Rs. 50/- per day late fee charges shall be charged.
  2. In case of bouncing of Cheque, Cheque bouncing charges of Rs 200/- would be charged and only DD/Cash/Credit/Debit Card shall be accepted against the full outstanding fee with late fee charges.
  3. In case of payment through Credit/Debit Card is made, extra charges as applicable shall be borne by the Parent.
  4. If the school fee is not paid by 30thday(June, Sep, Dec, Mar)of the month of the following quarter the school shall “Struck Off”thechild’ name from the school rolls after intimating parents via various reminders and final notice mailed through speed post.

The child shall be re-admitted after paying 50 % of normal Admission Fee and Outstanding Fee with late fee charges applicable. 



  1. Prospectus Charges, Registration Charges are non-refundable.
  2. Composite Fee and Transportation fees is refundable only in case student has not attended school for a single day in an academic session.
  3. Transportation fee is refundable only in case student has not attended/availed transportation facility for a single day in particular quarter.



  1. Prospectus charges and Registration charges  (One Time Payments) need to be paid in full.
  2. Quarterly Composite Fee is due from the first day of quarter in which student is seeking admission and needs to be paid quarterly starting from the quarter in which admission is given.
  3. Transportation fees is due from the first day of month in which student is seeking transportation facility and needs to be paid for the months falling in a particular quarter, and thereafter to be paid quarterly.