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Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Senior Leadership Team shall be responsible for the overall management of the school. SLT will also be responsible for all decisions pertaining to the school, its growth and expansion.

Mr. Manoj Gaur – Managing Director, Gaursons India Limited.

Holding a prestigious position of President of CREDAI Delhi (NCR) 46 Year old Mr Manoj Gaur, the Managing Director of Gaursons India Ltd is one of the most seasoned realty players in India today, with a rich experience of close to 20 Years. Under his stewardship, since 1995 Gaursons India Limited has established itself as a leading real estate developer in the National Capital Region (NCR), and is poised to acquire a significant, pan-India presence. His expertise lies in the field of construction. Mr Gaur is well versed with the business dynamics of the real estate industry. He has immense understanding of the Indian buyers preferences, and this coupled with his vast experience make him a winning combination in the realty space.

A Visionary and in a position of Governance in Gaurs International School, his commitment to education of children is by nurturing each one and preparing them to fulfil their dreams. His goal is to enable students to reach their full potential by giving them an independent learning environment which fosters a spirit of energy to analyse their goals. He earnestly desires to train students to be sensitive to environmental concern and imbibing in them a sense of Nationalism and commitment to Indian ethos and prepare them to be Global Leaders.

Mr Manoj Gaur is also a keen sportsman. He himself being a State Level Table Tennis Champion of his time values and understands the importance of sports in a child’s life He wants to propagate and inculcate sportsman spirit in all the students as he believes that the benefit of laying sports has direct impact on one’s physical body. So in GAURS International School Sports like Shooting, Boxing, Cricket, Football, Table Tennis Basket Ball and Badminton has been made available to the students in the School premises and also in the Gaurs Sports Complex.

Mrs. Manju Gaur - Director, Gaursons India Limited.

Manju Gaur, the Director of Gaurs Group has been attributing towards the growth of the organisation since she embarked into the family. Along with all other responsibilities she has also been heading the education venture of the group since last couple of years which currently focuses on Gaur International School, Greater Noida West. The school is unique in itself for providing value based education to children. With this fusion-education while children get life ready parents are also thrilled. She has been inspiring her workforce by being herself an epitome of dedication and diligence.

Known as a green crusader Manju Gaur has been incessantly working for several sustainable causes in the NCR region. Some of her notable work among these are support for Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan on all the Gaurs project sites, construction of toilets in Govardhan Parikrama Marg, Mathura, tree plantation drive at construction & project sites; and one of her most successful “Zero Garbage City” initiative at project sites in Gaur City where everyday almost 10000 kg of garbage from the Gaur City households is completely processed and turned into manure. She has been at the helm of interior designing of the Gaurs’ projects, expansion plans for the group and also heads the marketing and branding activities undertaken by the group. Apart from this she designs the landscapes for all her projects and makes sure there is enough of green area left in all the project sites.

Under her leadership the group is looking forward for many more achievements in years to come. In her own words, she says, "At Gaurs we not just build houses with bricks and cement but build dream homes for thousand of our buyers. As a group we want to be recognised as a brand with highest level of customer satisfaction where our customers should endorse us. We very soon plan to expand our domain to many more cities in the country. 

Mr. Asheesh Kumar Sharma - CEO, Gaurs Group of Schools

He is an MBA (Operations), ISO 9001-2001 (Lead Auditor) and a Green Belt Six Sigma. Mr Asheesh Kumar Sharma is a young extremely dynamic professional having more than 15 years of experience in launching and establishing Schools in India and abroad. He has been associated with leading brands of the education industry and has been responsible for strategic planning, organizational development and implementation of policies and system. His integrity, commitment, hard work and efficiency have bought outstanding results to the organizational transformation of the establishments he has been associated with.

He believes that education is a lifelong journey and intellectual growth requires not only the acquisition of knowledge, but its application in analytical, creative and expressive ways that make learning meaningful to the student.

Mrs. Debaroti Bose - Principal, Gaurs International School

Mrs Debaroti Bose is a passionate academician with over 17 years of rich experience in the field of Public School Education. A Post Graduate with B ED degree, She has been associated with many leading Schools in India like Modern School Barakhamba Road. Her diverse training in academics at National and International Levels has supported her endeavours to establish new benchmarks in the education scenario. She aims to enhance holistic development of every child through Academic rigour, Sports, Life Skill and Creativity.She has been responsible for mentoring and facilitating a large and dynamic team of educators. Her expertise lies in value based curriculum, integrating technology with curriculum, focusing on inclusive education. Her guiding philosophy is to educate each child to become a lifelong learner and grow into a caring, sensitive and responsible citizen of the world.